The uniform forms part of the school culture. It is a requirement that students adhere to proper uniform standards.

Stationery list

Stationery price list for all classes are available at the beginning of each year.

Books lists

Books list is available at the beginning of each year.Students enrolled in the IB diploma also have access to Kognity platform for textbooks


Our school year runs from September to August. Timetable for each class is available at the beginning of each semester


Parents accompany students every morning and pick them up at the end of classes.Some parents organise as well Carpooling.


Middle years have physical Education twice a week . High schools students have sports activities on Fridays after school. We have volleyball, basketball and football teams.

Extracurricular activities

Students are engaged in multiple extracurricular activities.They partake in school facilitated international trips to bring them to international mindedness awareness.We host Arts and science fairs.


Mission of our canteen is to feed students and provide them with energy to last throughout the day! We accommodate special dietary restrictions options upon request.