what we offer

Qualified and certified staff

Enko Education schools are either duly authorised or candidate for Cambridge and the International Baccalaureate authorization. We therefore respect the standards and procedures of those organisations. Our heads of schools are experienced in running international schools and intensively train each of our teachers, 100 hours per year


Languages are key to our Enko learning model. Language of instruction is English or French, and many other languages can be offered on demand (Chinese, German, Portuguese, Zulu …). In French-speaking Africa, we implement progressive bilingualism.

access to technology

We value the access to technology for it opens new possibilities. Our students have access to computers, multimedia centers, wi-fi in the classrooms. They also benefit from modern learning infrastructures such as science labs.

international mindedness

Across our network, we value and celebrate the diversity of African cultures across our network. Our programmes build on local curricula through an international framework. We prepare our learners to operate in a globalized world and to adapt to different environments.

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