Enko La Gaieté International curriculum


Class 1 to Class 6

Form 1 to Form 3

Form 4 & 5

Lower & Upper 6th

The content of the programme at Enko La Gaieté International School

The school offers international programs covering the sixth through 12th grade classes (Form 1 to Upper 6). Primarily English-speaking, the Cambridge program is taught from the sixth (Form 1) to the tenth grade (Form 5) and prepares for the prestigious two years programme of the International Baccalaureate, in Grade 11 (Lower sixth) and Grade 12 (Upper sixth). The latter is recognized in more than 2,000 universities in the world, including the most prestigious such as MIT in the USA or even McGill in Canada.  

The orientation cell

 All of our schools offering the program Enko have a cell of guidance to assist our students in their vows to integrate universities abroad. With them, we identify universities that match their ambition and qualities, we provide knowledge of admission procedures, identify scholarships available, and help them in every step.

Learning conditions

 The programme offered at Enko Gaieté International School is administered by our head of school, Mr. Bamidele Akinbo, previously Director of the Oriental English College (IB school) in Shenzhen- China for more than 10 years. To teach in our school, teachers must receive a certification from the IBO (International Baccalaureate Organization). To do so, they undergo a training for intensive personal development.

For our French-speaking students, a special programme of support in English is offered to place them in the best conditions for success.

Our students enjoy excellent learning conditions:

  • Our maximum class size is 24 students per class
  • Our classes are equipped with Wifi