Bienvenue à Enko Ouaga International School


Welcome message from the Head of School

Thierry Adam, Head of School Enko Ouaga International School Welcome to our website and to ENKO Ouaga International School (EOIS), a proudly African international school. Here you will find updated information about the day to day running of our school, our events and the programmes on offer but also discover what makes us special as a school.

Our teachers have been carefully selected, are very well qualified and already share our values and perspectives. They believe in academic excellence via an inclusive, stimulating learning classroom experience within a nurturing atmosphere conducive to learning.

We understand and appreciate the importance of relationships and are grateful for the involvement of parents in all aspects of our school. Together, we value the social, mental and physical well-being of every child.

As an IBDP Candidate school, we aim to form internationally minded leaders who will display the IB learner profile characteristics so as to be able to genuinely call ourselves an International School. We strive not only to know and embrace but also to understand the complexity and beauty of multiculturalism. We practice progressive bilingualism and aim to think and reach globally as well as to act locally. As an African International school, we start by learning about ourselves, about Africa, in order to better understand others and the dynamic world around us.

We realise the phenomenal task ahead, preparing this generation for a world of post truth, big data, Artificial Intelligence and professions that have not yet been created or dreamt of, a complex world of uncertainty. We understand that learning will have to be interdisciplinary, thinking creative and understanding conceptual and that the learner is to be ethical and their success purposeful.

We are ready to respond to the 21st century’s educational challenge and welcome you to join us.



Head of School
Enko Ouaga International School

Bienvenue à Enko Ouaga International School !

Enko Ouaga International School est un établissement secondaire de la 6ème à la terminale. Nous préparons nos élèves à accéder aux meilleures universités du monde.

Enko Ouaga veut offrir un programme de grande qualité et des conditions optimales d’apprentissage et de développement académique, social, culturel et moral pour chaque élève.

Nous offrons également les services d’un conseiller d’orientation qui accompagnera les élèves dans leurs démarches d’admission aux universités de leur choix. Nous les aidons également à trouver des financements pour leurs études lorsque cela est nécessaire, et à sécuriser des bourses d’études.


Septembre 2018



6ème – Terminale

Pour les élèves de 11 à 19 ans



Élèves par classe maximum