Our Consultancy Services

What we do

Rising urban middle-class, increasing demand for international education, evolving regulation, 21st-century skills development, digitalisation,… The factors driving the evolution of the African education sector are numerous and schools have struggled to keep pace with this evolution. Some have grown and bumped up against shortages of qualified teachers, others face dwindling enrollment. The upshot is that, in education, a robust strategy and execution is more critical than ever. In this context, Enko Services, in combination with the broader Enko group, offers to for-profit & nonprofit educational institutions but also investors and foundations a whole suite of capabilities, right from the inception stage up to implementation and monitoring.

We leverage our experience to help our clients develop actionable strategies for growth, to build world-class primary and secondary educational institutions over the continent. We do so by adapting our methodologies constantly because for us, each organisation is unique.

Scope of our services

Learning & teaching development

  • Accreditation support
  • Curriculum development
  • International academic partnership
  • Student programs, exchange
  • Scholarship & funding opportunities
  • University counselling program
  • Student life cycle management

Growth strategy

  • Newmarket development
  • Market entry strategy
  • Revenues diversification
  • Business forecasting/modelling
  • Market  repositioning

People recruitment & training

  • Executive search
  • Teaching & admin recruitment
  • Professional development

School acquisition

  • Merger and acquisition strategy
  • Target identification & prioritisation
  • Post-merger integration
  • Commercial due diligence

School facilities

  • Facilities management
  • School infrastructure sizing
  • Building specification design

Feasibility study

  • Pre-launch assessment
  • Market sizing
  • Competitors benchmark

School management

  • School launch
  • School management on behalf of the school owner

School marketing

  • Salesforce effectiveness
  • Student recruitment strategy
  • Brand strategy
  • Digital marketing plan