Around 20 global consultants with diverse experience and broad-ranging expertise

We are specialized in the education sector and have a dual approach (educators and managers), which makes us a unique player in the market.

Our team is comprised of a combination of individuals who can bring both education and management experience. We bring both a professional and personal passion for education to every client engagement. Teaching is not a sector like any other, it requires a particularly good understanding of the local environment, personalised methodologies, knowledge of the business lines and a listening capacity to implement methodologies and adapted solutions.

To offer tailor-made expertise, all our consultants have in-depth knowledge of the education sector, experience in positions of responsibility, and know-how adapted to this environment.


Eric Pignot – CEO and Co-Founder of Enko Education

Mathieu Bourqui – Chief Finance Officer of Enko Education

Aude Perrin – Chief People Officer of Enko Education

Xavier Lamarre – Director of Enko Services

Fanny Moral – Communications and Marketing Manager

Lyna Nossir – Project Manager


Keith Allen – Director of Learning and Teaching

Ginette Dalpé – Head of School Enko Riviera

Bamidele Akinbo – Head of School Enko La Gaité

Rakesh Pandey – Head of Pestalozzi Education Center

Ariane Baer-Harper – Country Manager Senegal

Vincent Thierry Adam – Head of School Enko Ouaga