International programmes and degrees recognized around the world

We propose programmes designed to form complete students; ready for higher education and world of work. We provide our students the tools and the skills that will allow them to blossom in their life.


The International Baccalaureate (from 3 to 19 y.o.):

IB programmes encourage the academic and personal success of the students while developing their intellectual curiosity , knowledge capital, their international awareness and determination. More than 4,000 educational establishments offer IB programmes. The IB Diploma is recognised by more than 2000 universities in 75 countries. Students holding IB diplomas have high admission rates to the best universities and are better prepared to succeed in higher education.


Cambridge (from 5 to 19 y.o.):

Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) programmes prepare students for their future life by developing their curiosity and their love of learning. From primary to pre-university years, CIE programmes are recognised as excellent preparation for higher education and working life. More than 10,000 establishments in 160 countries are part of the Cambridge community.

IB = International Baccalaureate

|  PYP = Primary Years Programme

|  MYP = Middle Years Programme

|  DP = Diploma Programme


Enko Education  schools are (or are in process) to become schools of the IB world, certified bay the International Baccalaureate organisation. Once certified Enko schools lead to the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme

IB World Schools share a common philosophy—a commitment to improve the teaching and learning of a diverse and inclusive community of students by delivering challenging, high quality programmes of international education that share a powerful vision.

To this date the following schools are IB – authorized as IB World Schools:

Our school applicants to become IB World Schools are:

for the Diploma Programme of the International Baccalaureate

University Guidance Programme

University Guidance Programme

Our university guidance programme relies on three pillars:

Identification of the universities offering the best programmes, with high admission rates and interesting scolarships programmes. Identification of the appropriate programmes matching their ambition and skills.

We provide students with our knowledge of admission procedures and our relations with universities’ Admissions Officers, in order to help our students to build their application.

Identification of scolarships offered by universities and foundations in order to finance higher-learning. Support in the application process.

Our 2018 results:

Capital University of Economics and Business
Lancaster University
Ottawa University
Nottingham University
Science Po University
African Leadership University
University of Toronto
Yale University


  •   The school takes on all the applications and provides us with all the resources and expertise that we need to successfully complete the admission processes. These processes can be very confusing! The university admissions counselor and all the teachers are always very encouraging and approachable.

    Sikapa, admitted at Toronto University with a full Mastercard scolarship
  • The Enko team takes each student's ambitions very seriously. We are regularly informed about scholarship offers by our university admissions counselors, who always take the time to help us with our university and scholarship applications.

    Fred Junior, admitted to Yale College with a 92% scolarship
Learning experience

Qualified and certified staff

Enko Education schools are either duly authorised or candidate for Cambridge and the international baccalaureate organisation authorization. We therefore respect the standards and procedures of those organisations. To do so, our staff is highly qualified. Our heads of schools are experienced in running international schools and intensively train each of our teachers, up to 100 hours per year.


Languages are key to our Enko learning model. The International Baccalaureate can be offered in English or French as a first language, and many other languages can be offered on demand (Chinese, German, Portuguese, Zulu …). In the Enko schools where the programme is taught in English, we implement progressive bilingualism with students for whom English is not the first language to maximize their chances of success.

Access to Technology

We value the access to technology for it opens new possibilities. Our students have access to computers, multimedia centers, wi-fi in the classrooms. They also benefit from modern learning infrastructures such as science labs.

International Mindedness

Across our network, we value and celebrate the diversity of African cultures across our network. Our programmes build on local curricula through an international framework. We prepare our learners to operate in a globalized world and to adapt to different environments.


up to 100

yearly hours of training for our teachers



students maximum per class



(or better) teacher per students ratio

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