Admission Process

Visit the school to get the information pack and a tour

Come visit us and meet with our Marketing & Admissions Officer who will take you through all the information, introduce you to our staff and show you around the school.

Pay the registration fee

Pay the registration fee as per the fee structure to secure space for your child

Submit all the required documents

The required documents are :

  • Learner’s birth certificate/ passport with a study permit
  • Leraner’s ID pictures
  • Most recent school reports (last 2 years)
  • Transfer letter or School fee clearance certificate from current school

Write an Entry Assessment

Assessments are conducted for prospective students entering any grade in the school. In addition to determining their admission to the school, admission tests are conducted to analyse a student’s strengths and weaknesses and for the teacher to establish ways to better support the student. For examination classes (grade 7 and 8), we have set cut off points for 2020 as follow:

Grade 7: 740

Grade 9: 400

Any student below those scores will have to write an admission test. Students who scored better in the national exams will not write assessment test and are granted direct admission.

Start receiving communication from the school

We communicate via:

  • Emails and WhatsApp
  • Our social media platforms (Facebook)
  • Our website
  • SMS’s and Phone Calls
School Fees

2023 Fees structure

Fee Policy

The school does not accept cash payments at the school.
Payment of enrolment and school fees must be paid by cheque to Pestalozzi Education Centre, bank transfer, deposit or point of sale at the office before the start of the term.

Please ensure all payments are referenced correctly with the student’s details (REFERENCE: Name, Surname & Grade)

Proof of payment must be either handed to the school finance department or email to  Download  School Fees and Payment Policy

Bank Details

Bank: ABSA

 Branch code: 017

Branch: Long Acres                                   

Account number: 1430682


Key Policies

Academic Integrity Policy


Admission Policy


Assessment Policy


Inclusion Policy

Download Inclusion Policy


Language Policy

Download Language Policy


Code of Conduct