Enko Services

School management and consultancy services

Enko Services is Enko Education’s consultancy practice and management services.

It provides educational consultancy services for any stakeholders involved in the education sector in Africa as well as school operator services for school owners.

Welcome message from the CEO of Enko Education

Dear Enko Education’s partners and clients,

School consultancy is at the core of our services. At Enko Services, we craft innovative, visionary, and tailored strategies for your already existing schools and educational markets within the African continent. Beyond our aim to deliver realistic and individualized solutions, we seek to help you achieve excellence through focused assessments of present standings and realistic predictions of the future.

Improvement and development are the key elements in our approach. Thus, we ensure that our approach is based on tailor-made plans; according to your needs and challenges, following in-depth processes; that allow us to deep dive into the different segments and perspectives to tackle, while setting short-term and long-term objectives that make our work impactful.

To respond in the best ways possible to your needs, we built a team of experienced talents, coming from different countries and backgrounds. A pool of individuals who are driven by a passion for education but especially by data-analysis and positive results. Achieving your objectives is their number-one quest.

Your success, our priority.

Our holistic approaches are tailored to fit your needs