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Enko Education is a fast-growing network of African international schools, increasing access to the world’s best universities for learners across Africa.

Enko Education has developed an innovative model. Our programmes lead to globally recognized and sought after qualifications. We are able to offer those at a fraction of the cost charged by other international schools in Africa. Furthermore, Enko learners are supported in their higher education applications through our university guidance programme. It supports them in selecting the right universities and then securing both admission and financing for their studies. We offer an outstanding learning experience striving to educate our learners with Africa at heart and the world in mind.

Enko Education’s model is showing impressive results with learners joining top universities like Yale University (USA), Sciences Po (Fr), the University of Toronto (Canada) and many more.

With 14 schools across Africa, Enko Education aims to open 30 more schools in at least 20 African countries over the next five years. Several international financing institutions, including Proparco, I & P, Oiko Credit and LiquidAfrica, support Enko Education’s ambition.

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Welcome Message

Welcome message from the head of the school

Dear Parents, Guardians, and Prospective Families,

It is with great delight that I welcome you to the website of Enko La Gaieté International School, the first school among the Enko Education network of schools.

We are proud to be one of the few leading schools in Cameroon and the rest of Central Africa offering quality international education from grades 7 to 13. As a day school, we are passionate about grooming the next generation of individuals that will shape the future.

Our teaching and learning are guided by the Cambridge International Examinations curriculums and International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme curriculum. As we aim to prepare learners for studies in the best universities in the world; we see a combination of Cambridge Lower Secondary and Cambridge Upper Secondary as a strong foundation for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP). The IBDP is held in the highest regard by top universities in the world.

The actualization of our mission is measured by the successes of our present and former students. You hear our voices in top international summer programmes and in the hearts of the campuses of universities of Toronto, SciencesPo, Yale, Ottawa, ALU, Hult, and many other great universities in the world. When our students graduate, they join a growing international network of high achievers and considerate global citizens.

At Enko La Gaieté International School, we are aware of the difficult process of choosing the right school for your child. Beyond perusing our website for the information you may need, I invite you and your child to visit our school to observe how lessons are delivered, take part in the open and respectful nature of teachers-students relationships, meet the programme coordinators, and have a friendly chat with me.

Come and join a school that puts students at the centre of teaching and learning.

Head of School
Enko La Gaieté International School


Bamidele Ayodeji AKINBO

Head of School

Bamidele joined Enko Education in July 2014 as the first Founding Head of School/IBDP Coordinator. Before joining Enko Education, Bamidele was the Head of Oriental English College, the first IB World School in the city of Shenzhen, Guangdong, China Bamidele is unwavering in his commitment to facilitating the learning process of students in ways that meet the dynamism of the twenty-first century. He holds a Masters degree in Educational Management. Bamidele has over 22 years in the field of education.

Gladys Eloundou

Administrative & Finance Officer/Lead Operations

Gladys holds a Masters Degree in Administration and Business Management from the University of Yaoundé II Soa. She has eleven years of experience in administrative and financial management of companies. She joined Enko La Gaiete International School in 2017 as Administrative and Financier Officer, a position she has held upto now. She equally act as Lead Operations at Enko la Gaiete.

Veronica AGOGHO

IBDP Coordinator

Veronica holds a Bachelor’s degree in Education (Biology) and a Master’s degree in Education (Curriculum Studies and Teaching). She is a category 1 certified IB teacher and an IB Examiner. She has been teaching Biology and Human Biology for 16 years and since 2014, she has been teaching Biology at standard and higher levels in the IBDP. She currently serves as Homeroom Teacher for DP2, Head of Experimental Sciences (Group 4) and Assistant IBDP Coordinator


CAS Coordinator and Arts Teacher

Garth holds a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts and Performing Arts from the University of Yaounde 1. He has been working in the private education sector for the past 8 years. He also holds the position of the CAS Coordinator and Arts Teacher at Enko La Gaieté because of his love and passion for creativity, activity and service.

Nyala E. Valery Ngam

History, Global Perspectives, Epistemology & Geography Teacher

Nyala is a graduate of the International Relations Institute of Cameroon (IRIC). He holds a Masters degree in History with specialization in International Relations from the University of Yaoundé 1, a Doctorate Degree candidate in the same University. He teaches History, Global Perspectives, Epistemology and Geography for the DP and Cambridge curricula at Enko la Gaiete International School.

Abam Lolance SUH

Head of Group Three (Humanities)

Suh is a trained Economics teacher from Higher teachers Training College Bambili – University of Bamenda.  He joined Enko in 2014, after having taught Economics, Business Management and marketing and Commerce in the national system for 8years. Suh is an IBDP examiner, IB certified Category 1, Category 3 in Economics EE and Category 3 cluster workshop in the IBDP Core. He currently teaches Economics and Business Management HL and SL at Enko la Gaiete International School.

Lawson Metoko NOKWA 

Biology, Environmental Systems, Societies and Global Perspectives Teacher

Lawson is a holder of a B.Sc degree in Microbiology from the University of Calabar, Nigeria. He has a 24years of experience teaching Biology in the national system.  He joined Enko in 2019 and teaches at the IBDP and Cambridge programs.

Boma Nde Mercy MATIE

English A Literature, English B facilitator and IB EE Examiner

Matie holds an MA in Performing Arts from the University of Yaounde 1,
Cameroon. She’s been teaching English Language and Literature for 17 years. She holds a Category II Language A certificate and a Category III Extended Essay and TOK certificate. She currently teaches English A: Literature and English B, and Literature in English (IGCSE) at Enko La Gaiete International School. She’s also an IB Extended Essay Examiner.

Navti Emmanuel VERNYUY

History and Theory of Knowledge (TOK) Teacher

Navti holds a Masters Degree in History of International Relations from the University of Yaounde I, Cameroon. He has been teaching for seven years and currently teaches History HL and Theory of Knowledge in the IBDP and IGCSE Cambridge curricula. He holds a Cat. 2 History, Cat. 3 DP Core Certificate and is an IB Examiner. He is the University Admissions and Career Counselor at Enko La Gaieté International School.


Business Management & Economics & Enterprise & Geography Teacher

Has 15 years of cumulative experience including 9 years of teaching Economics, Business and Management; and is an examiner for Economics 725 at the GCE A/Levels. After secondary and high school certificates he did a distance learning course with the British college of professional management and earned the International Honours Graduate Diploma (HND Equivalence) in Sales and Marketing Administration.

Baiye Randolf TAKOR

Chemistry Teacher

Baiye is a trained Environmental Engineer. He is also a very passionate pedagogue. He joined Enko Education in 2017 after teaching in the National system for one year. Currently an IB Certified Teacher of Chemistry at Standard and Higher levels (SL and HL). Also, an IB Examiner for Chemistry.


Physics Teacher & IBDP Examiner

Holds a BSc. in physics from the University of Buea. Has been teaching for 11 years. CGCE A level Physics examiner. Superintendent of physics A Level Practical Examinations. Currently teaching physics for the DP and Cambridge Secondary 2 programmes and works at Enko La Gaieté International School for the past 5 years.

Nankya Jacqueline ETUNDI

French and English language teacher

Nankya holds a Masters degree in Applied Linguistics and a degree in
Bilingual Letters from the University of Yaounde I. She has 20 years
teaching experience as a language teacher in the national system.  Etundi currently teaches French and English at Enko La Gaiete International School.


Mathematics and Further Mathematics Teacher

Coleens is a Bsc. Hons degree holder in Mathematics from the university of Buea. He has been teaching Mathematics and Further Mathematics for the past 22 years. He has been a GCE A level  Mathematics examiner for 20 years. Currently, he teaches Additional Mathematics and Maths HL in the Cambridge and IBDP program at Enko La Gaeite international school. He is a catergory 3 certified IB teacher and IB examiner.

Makane Christain

IT Teacher

He holds a Bachelor of Computer Engineering in Networks from the university of Buea. He also holds several diplomas and certifications from different institutions.
He has been working with the private educational sector for the past 5 years teaching Physics and Computer Science at both national and international levels.
He is the focal head, network administrator, information system manager and ICT Educator of Enko La Gaiete international school.


French Teacher

She started teaching the French language in 2011 at College ETEUDEM <Le Reveil> located in Ndog-bong, Douala. She was in charge of teaching French fundamentals (parts of speech, grammar, writing, and spelling) to students of the first cycle of the national system of education (5eme to 3eme). Later on, she taught French literature combined with syntactical aspects of French to the first class of the second cycle (2nde A). She now teaches French and Literature for both the Cambridge and the IBDP at Enko La Gaieté International School.

Hilary Pharaoh NDEH

Environmental Systems, Societies and Integrated Science Teacher

Hilary holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and a minor in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from the University of Buea. He is trained and certified and has taught Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Sexuality and Life Skills in the national curricula for three years. He currently teaches Environmental Systems and Integrated science at Enko La Gaiete.

Ketche Ecalipsien WANDJI

IBDP, Cambridge Mathematics and Physics Teacher

Wanji holds a Masters Degree in Educational Administration Policy and Planning, and a Bsc in Mathematics from the University of Buea. He has thought Maths and Physics at Ordinary and Advanced level of the national system for over 8years. He currently teaches Mathematics and Physics at the Cambridge and IBDP levels at Enko La Gaiete International School.


IBDP and Cambridge Mathematics and Additional Mathematics teacher.

Mesumbe holds a Masters degree in Environmental Engineering (with honors) from the National Advanced School of Public Works Yaoundé. He has been teaching Mathematics for over 8 years now, ever since 2011. He currently teaches Mathematics and Additional Mathematics in the Cambridge programme and Mathematics in the DP programme at Enko la Gaiete International School.