Why are Summer Schools so popular?

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Why are Summer Schools so popular?

For the past few years, many universities and schools have been offering « summer schools ». What are the benefits of taking summer courses and how do they differ from courses offered during the school year? 

The purpose of summer schools is to ensure that students are ready for the new academic year. For example, Summer Language Camps quickly strengthen students’ skills before they join an international school.

Summer schools can be particularly useful in the current global pandemic, where learning has been disrupted.

The worldwide craze for Summer Schools 

Coming from the United States, these summer courses are particularly popular with students wishing to improve on a particular subject in a short period of time. Intensive and comprehensive, summer courses allow students to confidently prepare for the upcoming school year.

Summer schools have many advantages:

  • Opportunity to study different subjects in a stimulating yet relaxing environment. Teachers need to be creative in order to engage learners with their course content.
  • More individualized adaptation to the student and at their pace as class sizes are smaller.
  • For all students wanting to brush up or get ahead, these summer courses are ideal. The teachers are more adaptable to the students’ levels and can review and deepen notions that were not necessarily acquired during the school year.

Secondary education is also adopting them 

While more common in higher education, more and more secondary schools have begun to offer them as well.

Yaya Dama, an English teacher at Enko Ouaga in Burkina Faso, explains, « Summer schools are particularly interesting because not only do they allow students on break to raise their level in subjects in which they have difficulties and comprehension problems, but also they help some students strengthen their skills in order to join new schools. A model that works at all levels! »

However, it is also important to let students rest during their break and make non-academic discoveries. After a breath of fresh air, they will come back to class motivated and eager to learn!

Enko Education is onboarding to innovative approaches to learning

Enko Education has been offering summer courses since 2020 in its schools which are open to Enko students as well as external students. Please fill out this form if you would like more information about these summer courses.

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