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South Africa is still battling to end colour bar system, 21 years after the country entered into a democratic order.

Private education and select universities across the country have been at the centre of racial controversy with Curro Schools being singled out for its racially biased policy.

According to South Africa’s Gauteng Department of Education, the allegations of segregation levelled against Curro Foundation School early this year had been found to be true.

“In January this year we received complaints with regard to allegations of racial segregation at Curro Foundation School in Roodeplaat.  It was alleged that some classes were made up of only black learners and white learners were grouped together separately,” read the Gauteng Department of Education statement.

“The findings of the investigation confirmed the allegations that there was indeed segregation of learners at the school.  This was confirmed by Curro -3.76%management and they admitted that his was as a result of pressure from certain white parents.”

The department added that, this was unacceptable, discriminatory and contrary to the provisions of Section 9 of the Constitution.

“It is also in contravention of Section 6 of the Equity Act. By segregating the learners based on their race, the school acted in a manner that was discriminatory and as a result violated section 7 of the Equality Act.”

Certain analysts believe that anger demonstrated at Universities such as University of Cape Town, Stellenbosch and Rhodes indicated the shared feelings of blacks over the seemingly endless apartheid system of racial segregation.


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