Enko La Gaieté Campus in national news for their reaction to school closing

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When the Cameroonian government announced in the evening of Tuesday, March 17, that all schools in the country would be closed from Wednesday, March 18 in the morning until further notice, Enko La Gaieté Campus reacted extremely quickly.

The school benefited from the experience of its Director, Mr. Bamidele Akinbo, Director of the school since its opening in September 2014, and from the experience of other Enko Education schools, some of which, notably in Burkina Faso, in Côte d ‘Ivoire and Senegal, had already closed their doors since Monday March 16.

The management immediately informed the parents, via the various communication channels in place, that Google Classrooms had been created for all subjects, from the 6th to the 12th grade, so that education could continue without interruption.

In his communication, Mr. Akinbo also encouraged parents to provide their children with the emotional support necessary in such a situation.

The following day, while teachers were receiving the necessary training, a precise plan of online courses was communicated to parents, reminding them how important their collaboration is to:

  • ensure that the child follows the timetable
  • ensure that the child has a good Internet connection, and control its use
  • ensure that the child respects the deadlines for submitting homework online.

The responsiveness of the school has been noticed by the local media. On March 19, the national TV channel CRTV published a documentary on  schools’ reactions to the government’ announcement, and interviewed the principal, two students and a teacher from Enko La Gaieté. Find the report below.

Congratulations to the whole school team for their prompt reaction, and for ensuring the continuity of quality education, in all circumstances.

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