Investing in the Right Education Guarantees a Bright Future!

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The best gift parents can give their children is a quality education; one that prepares them for success in life and opens doors to a fulfilling life. It is therefore not surprising to see parents gladly bear the burden of searching for the best school for their children. This quest for the best school leaves me wondering whether the search should be for the best school or the right school.
It is common to associate the best school with excellent results. We are fascinated by the abilities of these schools to prepare students to pass exams by strictly teaching the learning materials, encouraging rote learning, and administering countless testing. Testing is good but makes teachers to “teach to the tests” only and prevents the overall learning abilities of the students. For such schools, other than the marks in the report cards, what else are we able to know about the leaning abilities of the students?
In a couple of months, hundreds of Cameroonian high school students will begin to sit the GCE A’ level exams that will determine whether or not they will be accepted by the university of their choice. For most of them, passing the exams is the bastion for a bright future and the exciting transition from adolescence to adulthood. It is also a time that heightens the anxiety of parents about their children’s academic future; a period full of “what if” questions.
While Cameroon has significantly more public schools than private schools; the popularity of private schools has risen significantly. Parents want to ensure that their children gain the best possible educational opportunities and avenues that lay the path toward lifelong learning, a prestigious higher education and a successful career. For parents wishing to send their children to universities abroad, the anxiety transcends beyond the “what if” questions. Acquiring the service of an agent to help with university application, enrolling the child in IELTS or TOEFL preparatory classes, identifying scholarships available at the universities, carrying out the translation and equivalence of the certificate are their major preoccupations.
The curriculums on offer in many of the schools in Cameroon limit the students due to the highly exam-driven nature of the curriculums. The students from these schools could make it to the top universities in Cameroon but they lack the combination of globally relevant and necessary skills to be at par with their contemporaries around the world. They also have slim chances when they apply to universities abroad due to the nationally or regionally limiting factor of the certificates or diplomas they get upon graduation.
Since not all parents are education experts, knowing the right school can be a daunting task. The right school is the one that offers a rich, balanced and challenging curriculum where students are taught and assessed in various ways that equip them with the skills to meet the challenges of the century. Enko Education is fully aware of this challenge of school selection and has berthed in Cameroon to provide the launchpad to the top universities around the world.
Why the choice of Enko Education? The management of Enko is comprised of highly qualified and experienced administrators of international education and modern corporate governance. Enko education guarantees value for money and a pathway to the top universities in the world at very affordable cost. The curriculum on offer, International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) Curriculum, is globally recognized and delivered by a faculty that is trained and certificated by the International Baccalaureate (IB). For more about the IBDP, please visit
The uniqueness of the curriculum Enko Education offers includes the research writing skills acquisition course called the Extended Essay; leadership, interpersonal, and teamwork skills acquisition in CAS (Creativity, Action, Service), and the development of the awareness of knowledge claims and issues in the Theory of Knowledge class. Upon graduation, our students would have had a balance between academic and non-academic engagements to become a whole-person; well-rounded.
Bamidele A. Akinbo, an International Baccalaureate Educator, is the Head of School of Enko Education, Yaounde, Cameroon.

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