Uganda – Mbale Municipality closes over 50 sub-standard schools

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Mbale Municipality on Thursday closed over 50 schools for operating below the minimum required standards.

Some of the closed schools include; Impact Primary School, Chrisco Primary School, Tata Kids, Pen Cott View Valley, Hope Child Primary School, Bumboi Nursery, Mission Primary School, Mama Kids, Wisdom Centre Nursery, Nuru Primary School, and Link Child Foundation among others.

The schools were closed in an operation by Mbale Municipal education department led by Linas Nasimiwo, the Municipal Education officer.

Nasimiwo said the affected schools had failed to meet the minimum education standards set by the ministry of Education and Sports.

“Most of these schools exist and operate without our knowledge as the Municipality Education Supervision office; these people just wake up to open schools without considering the standard requirements.” Nasimiwo said.

She noted that the affected schools were found with unqualified teachers, poor sanitation and sub-standard facilities like classrooms and poor sanitation. Nasimiwo added: “Most of these schools were privately owned and could just pick people from street to act as teachers, this is an acceptable.”

She said the move is to check on the aspect of commercializing education without being mindful of standards.

Among the requirements needed to run a school in Mbale Municipality include; an approved land title, large and conducive compound, qualified teachers, good structures, conducive classrooms and furniture, hygiene and sanitation facilities, ministry of education registration numbers among others.

However most owners of the closed school expressed disappointment saying they were caught un aware.
“We have not been given enough time to implement what they require of us as private school owners. Personally I was not even served with the closure notice prior to this impromptu action,” said Bishop Patrick Okabe, the Director Impact Primary School.

Mike Nagosya, the District Education officer Mbale, defended the schools’ closure saying it sets standards for schools operating in Mbale.

He said much as private schools have highly contributed to improve academic performance in Bugisu and the entire country, proprietors should not be take it as a scapegoat to break set educational standards.

He said the exercise is to be extended to secondary schools as well. Source: In2EastAfrica

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