We travelled to Rwanda: Enko Students' Remarkable Expedition of Discovery and Growth

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Buckle up, dear readers, as we take you on a captivating journey that unfolded between the last week of June and the first week of July in the vibrant heart of Rwanda. Picture this: 28 Enko students, hailing from Enko La Gaieté, Enko Bonanjo, Enko Riviera, and Enko Bamako, embarked on a 10-day escapade that redefined their perspectives and left them forever changed. Joined by four adventurous staff members, this immersive experience was a true celebration of Enko Education’s commitment to unlocking .

A Fusion of Culture and Exploration

From the bustling streets of Kigali to the breathtaking landscapes that stretch as far as the eye can see, the Enko students embraced every facet of Rwanda’s rich culture and society. The adventure was a melting pot of experiences, from visiting iconic landmarks to diving deep into the world of academia, business, and beyond. As they came together from different corners of Abidjan, Douala, and Bamako, their journey sparked friendships and connections that bridged geographical gaps.



Education Meets Excitement: ALU and Beyond

Imagine setting foot in the prestigious African Leadership University (ALU) for a guided tour that opens doors to a world of knowledge and opportunity. The students explored not just the campus but also gained invaluable insights into the admission process and the unique educational tapestry that ALU weaves. Equipped with newfound knowledge, they embarked on discussions and reflections that would ripple through the rest of their adventure.


Powerful Lessons: Genocide Memorial and Beyond

Tissues at the ready, for our students experienced an emotionally charged visit to the genocide memorial that left a lasting imprint on their hearts. Deep discussions and reflections flowed as they paid homage to the past and contemplated the power of unity in building a brighter future.

”The genocide has left its mark on Rwanda. In this country, we have Hutus and Tutsis but there is one main language spoken: the kinyarwanda. They also speak French and English. The country has a good recycling culture. They don’t use plastic bags, for ecology purposes.”

Samira – Enko Riviera Student




From Tires to Tomorrow: Sustainable Business Ventures

Our explorers delved into Rwanda’s entrepreneurial spirit by visiting Uzuri K & Y, a company that ingeniously upcycled tires into shoes—a testament to Rwanda’s commitment to sustainability. Norrsken, a vibrant entrepreneurship hub, also opened its doors, showcasing the nation’s forward-looking approach to business and innovation.

“The Kigali-Rwanda study tour was also very rewarding to me as a teacher. What I can add to my instructional design from this tour is to increase the incorporation of real world problems linked to the lesson. This will give students more opportunities to think about solutions. This is what happens at ALU and Norrsken. It was a wonderful experience and I am certain that my practice as a teacher has been impacted in more ways than I can say at this moment.” 

Hilary – Teacher at Enko La Gaieté


Urban Dreams: Vision City and Beyond

Ever wondered what the future of urban living looks like? Our students had a firsthand encounter with Rwanda’s largest residential housing project, Vision City, gaining insights into the country’s urban development and infrastructure initiatives. This was a window into the vision that Rwanda holds for its evolving cities.


Wild Encounters: Akagera National Park

Get ready for a wildlife extravaganza! A visit to Akagera National Park provided an up-close and personal experience with Rwanda’s incredible wildlife and its harmonious coexistence with a unique ecosystem. Conservation and economy working hand in hand—the students witnessed it all.


Enko students visit the Akagera National Park



Scaling Heights: Conquering Mount Kigali

Up, up, and away! Mount Kigali offered the perfect backdrop for students to connect with nature, hike their way to stunning views, and embrace the awe-inspiring landscapes that define Rwanda’s beauty.


The Power of Reflection: Sharing and Growing

As the journey drew to a close, a special feedback workshop was the bridge that connected experience with introspection. Students gathered to share their learnings, experiences, and takeaways from this unforgettable odyssey.

“From stability comes organisation then evolution, this is what I learned from Rwanda because people need to have good mentalities and stable minds in order to be organised enough to create evolution. Rwanda has been able to stand out of the popular opinion about African countries from other continents ; people being rough and countries under-developped.It has showcased modernisation and industrialisation, all that while staying green, which is a win-win for every living organism. ”

 Flora – Student at Enko La Gaité





Enko Education’s vision: Unlocking learners’ potential across Africa

This adventure wasn’t just a trip—it was a living embodiment of Enko Education’s core pillars: African Roots, Global Wings, and Future-Oriented. With hearts full of appreciation for Africa’s heritage and boundless potential, our students spread their wings as true global citizens, embracing diversity and contributing actively to the world around them.

To the students, staff, and all those who made this adventure a roaring success, our heartfelt thanks go out to you. Your dedication and enthusiasm have shown us that the spirit of exploration and growth knows no bounds.

So there you have it, a whirlwind journey through the eyes of Enko students who dared to explore, learn, and leave no stone unturned. As the pages of this adventure turn, we’re left with a sense of awe and inspiration—reminded once again that learning extends far beyond the classroom, and the world is our ultimate textbook.

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