COVID-19 - updated situation on Wednesday 18 March

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Please find below an update of the current situation in our schools:

As of Wednesday 18th March:

  • Enko Keur Gorgui Campus and Enko Waca Campus in Sénégal are closed until April 6. 
  • Enko Ouaga Campus in Burkina Faso is closed until April 1. 
  • Enko Riviera Campus and Enko John Wesley Campus in Ivory Coast are closed until April 16.
  • Enko Sandton
    Campus and Amazing Grace Private School in South Africa are closed until the 14th April.
  • Pestalozzi Education Centre in Zambia will close from March 20 until further notice from the government.
  • Enko La Gaieté Campus and Enko Bonanjo Campus in Cameroon are closed from March 18 until further notice.
  • Enko Bamako Campus in Mali is closed from March 18 until April 8.

Schools are still open in Botswana, Mali and Mozambique until further notice. All schools are respecting the Center for Disease Control and Prevention Guidelines for School settings.

In order to ensure continuity of learning, all schools are implementing distance learning actions plans and actively communicating with parents and learners to do so. More details will come on the Enko Education policy on distance learning. 

Please make sure your school has your updated contact details in their system, to be kept informed at all times!

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