Do you want to invest in high-quality education in Sub-Sahran Africa?

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Enko Education, in partnership with Homestring, is starting a crowdfunding campaign to fund. “The Enko Education Bond” is now available on the Homestrings catalogue with coupon of 8% and minimum investment of $1000USD. A webinar is scheduled on the 7th of July for potential investors to know more about our model.

Enko Education Investments (EEI) has taken an innovative approach to financing education and ensuring reform. The impact will be significant, as it will provide international standards through a model that is both scalable and sustainable throughout the continent. Enko’s aim is to solve the under-representation of students from sub-Saharan Africa in the world’s best universities. The key bottleneck is at high-school level. Traditional local high-schools, with their local diploma and teacher-dominated instruction, do not prepare efficiently for international studies. Existing international schools are unaffordable. Enko Education is therefore building international schools, delivering the IB curriculum, affordable for the middle class.

Enko Education’s founders, Cyrille Nkontchou and Eric Pignot, as well as two main IB representatives Fidelis Nthenge, Head of School Services and Adzo Ashie, regional manager for IB, Africa, will host a webinar and answer your questions on the 7 July 2015.



Location: Online Webinar
Date: Tuesday, 07 July, 2015
Time: 16:30 BST
Cost: Free to attend

During the webinar, the panellists will cover:
• The bottleneck and potential of the education sector in West Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa
• The track record of the Enko Education Investment
• The experience on the ground, how the schools and students currently performing
• The structure of the investment – how the investment will work

We look forward to have you join Cyrille, Eric, Fidelis and Adzo on this webinar. Please click here to meet the panellists.

Feel free to contribute to this world’s changing initiative.

Got a question or want further information? Please contact

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