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Enko Capital’s scholarship assessments, which took place on July 9 and 30, saw over 120 candidates take part in the events. The South Africa-based investment company, through this initiative, seeks to provide an opportunity for bright young Africans to benefit from quality international education in partnership with Enko Education School in Yaoundé.

A total of seventeen candidates were awarded a scholarships based on criteria of excellence or offered a special award by Enko Capital’s Scholarship Committee for having excelled in one of the topics of the assessment.

Julien Taylor, Enko Education’s Regional Manager explains that “the scholarships granted by Enko Capital will fund the tuition fees of the successful candidates to follow Enko Education’s high school international programme, thereby enabling them to be prepared for the world’s best universities and later contribute to the development of the African continent. For Enko Education, this is where a conscious and emancipated Africa starts.” Bamidele Akinbo, the Head of School, is delighted to welcome these “new, ambitious and talented students from diverse regions, public and private establishments, who will promote the standards of academic excellence that characterize the International Baccalaureate programme and our institution.”

       10 of the scholarship recipients:

Scholarship recipients

The Enko Education high school in Yaoundé offers an international programme spanning three years and follows the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum. The IB programmes are taught in over 5,000 schools worldwide and are developed by the International Baccalaureate Organization, based in Geneva, who guarantees the quality of the standards. The IB Diploma is a secondary education diploma recognized in 75 countries by more than 2,000 universities, including the most prestigious in the world, namely Harvard, MIT, Sciences Po and Oxford. Last July, after a rigorous evaluation process, the Enko Education school of Yaoundé became the first IB school in Central Africa, and the only one in Cameroon.



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