Enko Education is recruiting 100 teachers for September 2023

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Johannesburg, 14th March 2023 – African group of schools Enko Education announced the opening of a teachers’ recruitment campaign starting on the 9th March 2023. The campaign aims at recruiting 100 teachers to join one of Enko Education’s 7 schools in West and Central Africa for September 2023. This recruitment programme, called GEM (Germinating Educational Masters) is one of its kind and drastically reduces teacher recruitment time for schools.

In order to support the group’s growth (Enko Education recently announced the acquisition of Kalanso and Kodonso in Bamako, Mali), Enko Education announced the launch of a new campaign of teachers’ recruitment. The group is creating a pipeline of outstanding teachers to save schools recruitment time and potential mistakes. 

Africa currently needs 6 million additional teachers, to cover for the increasing number of school-aged children across the continent, and this figure is expected to reach 15 million in the next few years. There is no shortage of talented individuals and committed teachers across the continent, but teacher recruitment can prove to be extremely time-consuming for school leaders. GEM seeks to make this process easy and short for schools, providing them with a pipeline of highly-motivated and skilled individuals.


The process is designed to attract educators who are committed to helping African students achieve academic excellence. “Applications will close on the 30th of March. It is open to candidates from all around Africa, willing to work in one of Enko Education’s countries of operations. Shortlisted applicants will undergo a 5-step recruitment process with the purpose of developing a holistic view of the candidates and their ability to adapt to a different academic environment and expectations than their current ones. It also evaluates the ability of teachers to bring up proud African World Citizens.” explains Aude Perrin, Enko Education Chief People Officer. 

Enko Education is committed to providing its teachers with a supportive and dynamic work environment as well as opportunities for professional growth and development. The network’s focus on innovation and excellence makes it an ideal destination for educators who want to make a positive impact on the future of African education.

Are invited to apply, people with a passion for education and a desire to learn about international learning methods, from all educational backgrounds and levels of experience. Teachers who would be selected through the process but not hired by an Enko school in 2023 will be kept for future hires based on schools’ needs.

Our goal is to attract the most passionate educators from around the continent who share our commitment to providing a world-class education to African students. We believe that this recruitment programme will help us achieve this goal and enable more and more young Africans to join prestigious higher education institutions.” said Eric Pignot, Enko Education’s Founder and CEO. Enko Education is known for providing high-quality education to students in Africa. The network of schools is currently implemented in 11 cities in 9 African countries, offering affordable and high quality education to 5,000 young, with plans to expand to more locations in the coming years. To support this growth, Enko Education is seeking to recruit top-tier teachers who are passionate about teaching and have a strong commitment to their students’ success.

Link to the application platform

About Enko Education

Enko Education is a fast-growing network of African international schools, increasing access to the world’s best universities for learners across Africa. Enko Education leverages the best international curricula to offer students a holistic, learner-centred education, to grow their African roots and open their Global Wings. Furthermore, Enko schools are future-oriented and learners are supported in their higher education aspirations through our university guidance programme. With 14 schools across 9 African countries, Enko Education is the biggest network of international schools in Africa.


For more information about Enko Education’s teacher recruitment process, visit the Enko Education website or contact the Enko Education team directly.

Mathis Perrin – mathis.perrin@enkoeducation.com

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