How Enko Education incorporates the African roots pillar in its curriculum

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At Enko Education, a network of african internation schools, integrating African roots into our value proposition is not just a statement; it’s a practice woven into the fabric of our curriculum. To gain deeper insights into how this pillar shapes learning, we sat down with Hervé Kouamé, Head of Enko Ouaga’s primary School, for an insightful conversation.

  • What is the African root pillar?

The African root pillar refers to the rich diverse cultural, historical and ancestral heritage that Africa offers. It is a cornerstone of identity and belonging for African communities.  We encourage our students to embrace and appreciate their African roots while fostering a strong sense of identity.

  • Can you describe the core values behind the African roots pillar in Enko Education’s curriculum?

The core values behind the African root pillar are anchored in the continent’s diverse cultures, traditions and histories. These values, including hospitality, justice, respect for elders, and community, guide our educational philosophy.

  • How does Enko Education’s curriculum specifically highlight African history and contributions across various academic disciplines?

Enko Education’s curriculum highlights African history and contributions through an inclusive approach across disciplines. We spotlight African civilizations in history, explore African authors in literature, and contextualise science and mathematics within African contributions. Cultural events and guest speakers further enrich our students’ learning experience.

  • In what ways does this pillar influence the teaching methods at Enko Education? 

The African Roots Pillar profoundly shapes our pedagogical approach, emphasising the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit, and fostering community through collaborative learning practices. Teachers facilitate cooperative projects and peer learning activities.

  • What impact do you believe the focus on African roots has on the students’ sense of identity and cultural awareness? 

It actually has a vital impact in shaping students’ sense of belonging and global citizenship, contributing to a more inclusive and equitable learning environment that prepares students to adapt to an increasingly diverse and interconnected world.

  • Could you share a success story in your school where a student or a group of students particularly benefited from the African roots integrated curriculum? 

Well! Recently, we hosted a Mother Tongue Day celebration where students were asked to speak in their mother tongues during interviews, sketches… This was a good experience for learners who could honour their languages, demonstrating the value of their mother tongue and reinforcing their identity. Other cultural celebrations at Enko Education such as the Black History Month, Africa day give students the opportunity to discover African success stories and share their knowledge on Africa.

  • How does Enko Education ensure that the content related to African roots remains accurate, respectful, and free from stereotypes? 

Enko Education maintains the integrity of African-rooted content through professional development, curriculum review, diverse perspectives, and community engagement. By applying these, schools can ensure that content related to African roots reflects the reality, thus promoting effective teaching and learning.

  • Are there any community-based projects or collaborations that Enko Education has initiated to support the African roots pillar? 

Our school group supports the African Roots Pillar through initiatives like field trips to cultural places and historical sites. Some of these include recent visits to Rwanda and upcoming trips to Kenya, offering students immersive cultural experiences.  

  • How do you balance the inclusion of African roots with the need to provide a global perspective in the curriculum? 

We adopt a holistic approach. This consists in providing teachers with ongoing training and professional development to enhance their understanding of African culture and emphasising Africa’s interconnectedness with the world through an interdisciplinary curriculum. As a result, our teachers are well equipped to encourage critical thinking by examining different perspectives on historical events, societal issues and cultural practices… 

  • What role do parents and the wider community play in reinforcing the African roots pillar within Enko Education? 

They play an immense role by engaging with the school community and supporting initiatives that promote African roots. This helps in creating an inclusive and culturally rich learning environment that celebrates diversity and empowers students to embrace their heritage.

  • Looking ahead, what developments or enhancements can we expect to see in the way your school integrates African roots into its educational approach? 

Looking forward, we are committed to enhancing cultural awareness and appreciation, with plans to expand field trips to other cultural and historical sites across Africa.

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