How to choose the right university among the thousands universities around the world?

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A burning question among students as they finish their high school careers is often,  “how do I pick the right university among the thousands of universities around the world?”

As a university guidance counselor, I have often wondered about the diversity of higher education listed in the “Web Ranking of Universities” website. According to July 2018 statistics, there are 28 077 universities around the world, and out of these, I ask students to come to me with a list of the 10 to 15 universities in which they would like to study. Speaking from personal experience, I’m lucky if one out of ten students can provide me with that list. How can I help the other students decide what colleges are best for them? What are the roadblocks they encounter, and how can I help them to remove those roadblocks?


“ There are 28 077 universities around the world. How to pick the right one?”

Often, it’s the simplest questions that are the hardest to answer: where should I study, what should I study, and what criteria should I use to make this decision? This is how the idea for offering the Knowledge for College online workshop was inspired. While these questions are answered by college counselors around the world, I felt it was important to have a virtual space where students could go in greater depth alongside other students and expert speakers to explore the many opportunities and different perspectives out there.

In this virtual space, students and experts in the field have the opportunity to think about international education in a different context, alongside other young people who have the same questions and concerns, while broadening their conversations about what life after high school looks like around the continent and around the world. Students can prioritize their questions according to their personal preferences and abilities, and get answers from experts within the field. In a virtual classroom with a diverse student body, we also find that students receive answers to questions they didn’t even know they had!

“Finding the ideal college means putting all the pieces of the puzzle together.”

Finding the best suited university takes a lot of time and work. A student can find answers to the many questions, but then still needs to identify which university best matches those answers. Finding the ideal college means putting all the pieces of the puzzle together. Each session of the Knowledge for College workshop was designed to offer a piece of the puzzle that is the greater picture of higher education, including the very initial step of making the right choice of where to go.

Upon completion of the workshop, students will have a deeper understanding of how to best choose and apply for their ideal college, but also the skillset on how to best succeed once there. In short, this program goes deeper than what students can learn in their own schools due to a uniquely designed program that brings together students and experts from different contexts. Knowledge for College empowers students to design their own college search process in a collaborative setting.

When students join our online workshop, they will not only have the opportunity to work with international experts, but they will gain leadership and research skills that will help open doors to the world’s best universities.

Students interested in the Knowledge for College online programme should register online:

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