Letter to Enko Education parents

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Dear Parents and Guardians, 

We are going through a unique and sensitive period. The COVID – 19 (Coronavirus ) crisis is affecting the life of everyone, everywhere.

In these circumstances, Enko Education commits to do everything possible to support our students and our parents. 

To date, the majority of our schools have been closed, and the rest are likely to be closed soon. 

In the coming weeks, we are committed to:

  1. Continuing to deliver quality education to our learners.
    All of our schools have distance education plans in place for our students. Digital tools such as Google Classrooms and Zoom have been set up for all schools, and all teachers have received and receive training in these tools. Each school has produced an online teaching calendar, and the performance of our teachers is closely monitored by our Heads of School.
    For more information, you may contact your school directly.
  2. Regularly keeping our parents informed of the situation.
    School communications are mainly sent via email, therefore we ask you to please check your emails daily. Please provide your school with a working email address so that you do not miss any communication from the school.
    A dedicated page has also been created on our website, and you are invited to check it regularly. You will find regular updates on the situation in our schools, along with useful resources. www.enkoeducation.com/covid-19

In these difficult times, we count on your support to ensure your children’s serious engagement in following the online courses and doing their homework, but also in providing them with the essential moral and emotional support required by the situation. 

We also ask you to make sure that you are up to date with the payment of your school fees as our schools continue to cover fixed costs such as rent and staff salaries. More than ever, we need your support.

We remain at your disposal for any questions, and thank you for your trust, 

Eric Pignot
Founder and CEO
Enko Education

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