Okan awards scholarships to a new promotion of Enko Education learners

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Paris, October 20, 2020 As part of its philanthropic policy, Okan is pleased to announce the awarding of excellence scholarships to three secondary school students in Ouagadougou and one in Douala, which will allow them to follow international curriculums in Enko Education schools in Burkina Faso and Cameroon.

After a first edition in 2019, which since September 2019 allows four Burkinabe students to follow the international curriculum offered by Enko Ouaga Campus, Okan has decided to renew the scholarship “Okan Excellence”. This scholarship embodies the values shared by the Okan team and underlines Okan’s interest in quality education, a driving force for development in Africa. Aware of the potential presented by many African students, Okan wishes to give them the opportunity to benefit from high quality education and to realize their dreams.

“Enko Education helps us to select ambitious talents across the continent, whose family situation would not allow them to study in an international school. By offering these children the opportunity to study at Enko Education, we know they will receive quality education and individualized attention throughout their secondary education. Enko students benefit from an outstanding university counselling guidance programme, that has allowed previous scholarship learners to be admitted with bursaries in prestigious universities such as Sciences Po in France, Yale in the US, and many more”, explains Benjamin Romain, Partner at Okan.

Ingrid, Lalia, Abdourrahmane and Florence have been selected based on strict academic, financial and motivational criteria to receive the Okan Excellence Scholarship. It will cover a portion of the tuition, in addition to other fees related to the education of these students, such as school supplies and books, university application and examination fees. “I would like to thank Okan and Enko Education for giving me the immense privilege of having access to the wonderful programme offered at Enko Ouaga Campus. This scholarship is for me an open door to success.” shared Ingrid, one of the beneficiaries.

Enko Education is a network of African International Schools, aiming at increasing access to the world’s leading universities for African learners. The 14 Enko schools in 9 African countries follow international curriculums such as the prestigious International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, recognized and promoted by the best universities in the world. “Enko Education is incredibly grateful to count on partners such as Okan. Allowing talented yet underprivileged students to study in our schools is another step towards our vision to increase access to high quality education to as many learners as possible on the continent.” shared Eric Pignot, Founder and CEO of Enko Education.

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Okan Partners is a strategic consulting and financial advisory firm dedicated to Africa. The Okan team wishes to contribute to the sustainable development of the continent through its professional and philanthropic actions.

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With 14 international schools in 9 African countries, Enko Education is a network of African international schools offering primary and secondary education programmes to enable talented young Africans to enter the world’s leading universities. In order to increase its social impact and on local communities, Enko Education is committed to having a minimum of 10% of students in its schools.

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