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Dear parents of Enko Senegal,

 We are following the Senegalese government’s decision to close all schools in the country for a period of 3 weeks. Enko Senegal schools: Keur Gorgui campus and Waca campus are aligned with this decision and have planned an action plan for their students during this period.

Our communications will be mainly by email, therefore, please consult your email box EVERY DAY in case of urgent notification from the school. Please provide us with your functional email addresses so as not to miss any notification from the school.  

During this confinement period, we ask for your full cooperation in order to allow all the students to follow their homework as well as their online lessons. You will find below the instructions of the management team. 

  1. Week from March 16 to 20: Homework sent by email to parents
    During this first week, work will be sent on Monday evening to the parents. 

WACA: NB: You can pick up the textbooks left at your children’s school between 8:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. on Monday, March 16th.

  1. Week from March 23 to 27: Classes and homework available on Google Classroom
    In preparation of this situation, we already asked for your children’s emails in order to add them to the Google Classroom platform. For those students who did not provide valid emails, we ask that you create email addresses (gmail) with your children before Wednesday March 18th and send them to us at
    NB: The Google Classroom application can also be downloaded as an application on the mobile phone.
    NB: Some students’ work will be graded.
  2. International Baccalaureate exams
    For parents of DP2, we are aware of the limited time limit with the exams and we have communicated to the IBO central office. We are waiting to hear back from them and will communicate this to you shortly.
  3. On duty staff numbers to call:
    Waca Campus numbers:
    Jacqueline Ferreira- General Director: 77 562 7544
    Pape Mbaye Diop- Deputy Director: 77 963 2566

    Keur Gorgui Campus:
    Jean Croteau: General Director: 77 401 8829
    Demba Diop: Deputy Director: 77 502 1638

In this period of crisis, we count on your collaboration. The whole team is ready to receive your questions at the numbers provided and via email

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