The Enko Schools launch Live sessions on Facebook to answer the questions of their followers

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How to maintain a dialogue with our contacts during this time of Covid-19 crisis through an optimized Facebook Live campaign?

Keeping in touch with our students’ parents is a key issue for Enko Education, particularly during this sanitary crisis. With this in mind, one specifical channel appeared to be the most efficient: digital communication.  

Digital Communication, a key aspect of strategy of Enko Education during the Covid-19 crisis

Our students’ parents exchange with the school’s teachers and the administrative officers on a regular basis by phone and mostly by email and Whatsapp. Despite the closure of all of our schools, it is essential for Enko Education to maintain and even reinforce this relationship with them; and to do so, we continuously encourage them to follow us on our social media (Facebook; Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube).  

Our main challenge was to keep on interacting with every parent and families that showed an interest in joining Enko Education at least once. As long as the crisis remains, we cannot welcome them individually in our schools anymore to visit and discover our offer. However, we still have to answer their questions and be available to allow them to know more about our schools and the staff that keep them running.  

Facebook live: an essential tool to maintain our relationship with our online community

The Facebook Live sessions were initially used as an occasional communication tool at Enko Education. It now appears as a key way of interacting with a broad audience that wants to keep contact with the central office in this time of crisis, and more generally, to learn more about our International diplomas and curriculums, and our admission process. We are very pleased to have been able to maintain a dialogue with our community of parents and we look forward to implementing our next ideas to get closer to them“ according to our speakers from Enko Ivory Coast after there session. 

The Facebook Live sessions seem like the best compromise to reach our goals with various advantages: 

  • Interactivity

They allow participants to directly ask their questions to the speakers. Even if a theme is announced, it is absolutely possible to address other subjects. Speakers can even reach out to the participants by a private message or by phone at the end of the live to give them further information. 

  • The staff visibility

They help putting a face on the Enko Staff members’ names

  • The openness to the community of parents: 

They are a great place to virtually meet and exchange with other parents

  • The availability of the contents: 

The recorded session can be shared to any person that could not assist to the live.

Every Marketing Officer received dedicated training in order to master the technical and the qualitative parts of the Live session and to arrange the perfect settings, contents, etc. Among others, here are the best practices that were shared with each of them: 

  • Say “Hello” to each participant, and call them by their names to personalize the conversation 
  • Smile and be tactful while speaking: it is essential for us to cheer people up in this confusing time. 
  • Remind several times the theme of the session. Participants come and go and it is important to inform the new comers with the agenda;

“The combination of all these best practices enables us to do our best to answer the questions of our community on social media. This experience has been very informative for every speaker, as explained by M. Regis Assemian, Vice Head of School at Enko Riviera, “Hosting a Facebook live session is not an easy task and requires us to go out of one’s comfort zone. It is a very exhilarating experience that makes us realize that there is a community waiting for more information on our schools. We are really thrilled to respond to their preoccupations”.

All in all, our main objective was to chat with our followers in a professional and human dynamic

Enko schools have completely integrated Facebook Live into their strategy and plan to organize it regularly. Stay tuned on our pages to know the next sessions!

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