Here are 8 reasons why I chose an international school for my child

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Meet Mrs Epangue Tryphène, a working mother who wanted the best possible education for her child. She knew that the world was becoming increasingly globalised, and she wanted her middle-school child to be prepared for the challenges and opportunities that this would bring.

She enrolled her child at Enko Bonanjo and he is now one step closer to university. After seven years with Enko Bonanjo, Mrs Epangue believed she made the best decision for her child’s growth.

Today, she shares her experience with other parents who, just like her, want their children to have a bright future.


According to you, what is an international school?

An international school is a school that provides students with worldwide-recognized qualifications such as the International Baccalaureate.

Can you tell us a little bit about how you learned about Enko Education?

7 years ago, I found a flyer from Enko Education on my car and after reading it, I became interested in the school. I contacted the school to learn more. I had a chance to exchange with the Head of school. I was able to ask all my questions and was convinced by the quality of the curriculum. 

Why would you encourage other parents to enrol their children at Enko Bonanjo?

Here are 8 reasons why I would encourage other parents to enrol their children at Enko Bonanjo.

1.The International Baccalaureate is an one-of-its-kind curriculum

Enko Bonanjo offers the IB (International Baccalaureate) programme, a worldwide-recognized diploma that enables students to get admission into the world’s best universities. I wanted my child to enrol in this programme so that he can have a competitive edge when applying to university. One of the advantages of the International baccalaureate is that students around the world take the same exams, providing a common reference framework for universities. This means that if your child enrols in an IB programme, you can be confident that he/she will be admitted to a prestigious university, regardless of where they come from.

1. Enko fees are more affordable than other international schools on the continent

In most people’s minds, international schools in Africa are totally out of range. But I was really thrilled to see that Enko Bonanjo offers affordable fees, i.e three to five times cheaper than other international schools I had benchmarked.

2. Children well-being is a priority

I would say that Enko Bonanjo pays special attention to students’ well-being. The school offers great learning facilities such as libraries, computer labs, etc. All the classrooms are spacious and well ventilated, providing students with a stimulating environment where they can easily learn. Every parent wants their child to feel comfortable, especially at school where they spend most of their time

3. Highly qualified teachers

On a scale of 1 to 5, I would rate Enko Bonanjo’s teaching at 4. The school employs highly qualified teachers who are experts in their fields. The teachers are supportive and encouraging, always willing to help students who are struggling with their studies.

4. Students’ personal growth

Enko Bonanjo has helped my son develop into a more structured, self-confident, and sociable young man. The school’s rigorous academic program has taught him how to manage his time effectively and to work independently. The school’s supportive environment has helped him to build his self-confidence and to believe in his own abilities.

5. Rich extracurricular activities

Enko Bonanjo also provides students with a wide range of extracurricular activities, such as sports, clubs, and arts programs. For example, during holidays, my child usually takes part in trips organised by the school. These activities really helped him develop his interests and talents outside the classroom.

6. Useful skills for my child’s future

Since he started attending Enko Bonanjo, my child has learned a lot of skills such as critical thinking, multiculturalism, etc. But one that got me really impressed is the mastery of ICTs tools. I believe that mastering ICTs tools is an essential skill for children in today’s world, and I am glad that Enko Bonanjo taught my child these skills.

7. A diverse student body

In Enko Bonanjo, students come from the whole of Cameroon, but also from other African countries such as Chad, and the rest of the world such as France, China, etc. I think it can be especially beneficial for children who are planning to study or work abroad. I am really happy about the fact that my little boy could learn about different cultures and perspectives.

What would you say to any parent who is still reluctant to enrol their child in an Enko Education school?

I would simply tell them that they have nothing to worry about. Enko Education gives our children the amazing opportunity to attend the best universities and become well-rounded individuals.

NOTE: Mrs Epangue’s son has been admitted to 9 universities, with a scholarship for each of them. 

Enko Education is just the place to be!


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