How to succeed in your university admissions in the Covid-19 context

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There is a massive and understandable anxiety among students who will graduate in 2020 from high school and seeking university admissions. Students’ concerns grew even bigger when they learned that the International Baccalaureate (IB) and Cambridge canceled their final exams. The big question that every student started to ask is: “What will happen to my university admission offer?”

In this article we tried to summarize the responses from the international universities that appeared to be on top of this challenge. After thorough consideration, the admissions offices published updated policies and procedures. 

We are happy to announce that the universities have shown that they care about their future students. They continue working to adjust to the new circumstances and remain flexible and open to international students. 

How will universities recognize the IB Diploma and subject grades?

The IB published a policy on how they would calculate each student’s grades and the total diploma score. The grading system for the core elements will remain the same. The system provided by the IB to secure the graduation of the May 2020 class appeared to be satisfactory for almost all universities, and no significant changes happened to the acceptance offers sent to students. 

Therefore, every acceptance offer that you received or will receive is valid and you should review them carefully not to miss the important instructions given by the university. Frequent updates are published on each university website: visit them frequently to stay posted!

“The admission committee recognizes that final results may be significantly different from previously submitted predicted results due to changes to the evaluation criteria. These changes will not impact our offer of admission, as long as you still meet the requirements for secondary education completion.”

Fordham University, USA

Moreover, universities declared that they will ensure that IB students will be awarded the relevant credits their grades in IB subjects, as it was during the previous years. 

Students’ academic achievement during high school is a valuable document for your university admission. Evidence that you fulfilled the requirements of school graduation is also required by the universities. Accordingly, as a student of the May 2020 class, you should carefully follow the online classes provided by your schools and make sure that you keep your grades. 

Some handy resources to remain informed

University websites remain the most reliable sources of information, but there are some quick ways to check the main components of the admission procedure of various universities. On these web resources, you can find the newest updates regarding changes in the deadline, candidate reply date deadline, deposit deadline and find the contact of institution admission or financial aid offices, etc: 

Cialfo COVID-19 Resource Hub

NACAC (National Association for College Admission Counseling) College Admission Status Update Coronavirus Impact

Attending university starting Fall 2020 – what options are being suggested and considered

As soon as the university enrolment process is over, students usually start getting ready for visa applications, and plan their trip to universities. This year, your plans for traveling might be affected by the pandemic. Below are some of the options you might face: Get ready for various scenarios!

  1. Some universities consider starting without in-person classes in Fall 2020, which means that online lectures will be provided by the university. If you accept the offer, you have to follow the instructions given by universities.
  2. Other universities are thinking about delaying the start date. There is a possibility that the pandemic get solved during the summer break, but universities will need more time to go back to the regular teaching model.

None of those possibilities are final yet because any of these solutions requires many changes in university life and teaching planning. Here is what some top universities think about the fall semester starting date

Useful WEBINARS by Cialfo to clarify the university admission process

Cialfo has created a series of Webinars to clarify the university application, admission, and enrollment process. In those webinars, they respond to students’ questions and concerns. Look for the particular university you are interested in and listen to the session!

Finally, be sure that educational institutions as schools, colleges or universities keep working online for you so you can pursue your educational goals. Please keep in mind that your school university admission counselor and the university admission offices are the main reliable sources of information and make sure you address them timely to clarify any issue related admissions!

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