Our 10 golden rules to work well from home!

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As a result of the current pandemic, several adjustments have been necessary in schools and public places in order to comply with the barrier measures. This forces part of the population to work from home. One question remains, how to remain productive (or not) by staying at home?

Read our 10 golden rules to stay efficient and motivated while working from home!

1. Keep your usual weekday bedtime: you owe it to yourself to get enough sleep.

“The tiger needs sleep too.”
(Chinese proverb)

It is recommended to get between 7 and 9 hours of sleep per night. The quality of your sleep will impact your productivity and allow you to be more productive and concentrated during the day.

2. Get up every morning as if it were a normal working day. Set your alarm clock as if you were going to school or the office.

“Going to bed early and getting up in the morning brings health, wealth and wisdom.” George Washington

3. Take a good shower (and remember to dress as if you were leaving the house, you may be asked to turn your camera on, better be ready).

4. Prepare a balanced breakfast. For once, eat the breakfast that you never have time to eat because you’re in too much of a hurry or are usually late.

#BreakfastAndChill…before class/or work 😉

5. Think about re-organising your working time and defining your schedules. Follow your usual schedule as if you were at school or at the office.

6. Don’t forget to give yourself breaks from time to time. Stay focused, but don’t sit with your nose glued to the computer for hours, or you may get severe headaches and be unproductive.

 “Take a 10 to 15-minute break after every hour and a half of work.”

7. Do some exercise to relax: plan small sports routines at the beginning or end of the day! Here’s our suggestion to get you working out without counting the cost.

Start here your day with Sports Coach Thiam from Keur Gorgui Campus – Enko Senegal!

8. Remember to make a to-do list after each day’s work! Take time each day to determine what your goals are for the next day.  Set yourself 3 achievable goals per day.

9. Choose a quiet and peaceful place. If necessary, put on headphones or earplugs and isolate yourself to stay focused. Don’t worry, you still have plenty of time to spend with the people you are confined with 😉

10. Opt for a cosy, tidy, and comfortable office. Create your “dream” workspace: sitting facing a window to enjoy the sunshine is ideal.  Don’t hesitate to share your workplace with us on Instagram #Showusyourdesk #Workingfromhome #Learningneverstops!

The office of the Marketing & Communication Manager of Enko Education, Fanny Moral. We’d love to be there, wouldn’t you?

Working at home with your family… myth or reality?  In these uncertain times of social upheaval, a lot of effort has been put in by you and your family to survive confinement and find the courage and motivation to work!

Know that you are on the right track, the habits you developed during confinement will be applicable to the “life after” (i.e. after the VIDOC-19 crisis). Until you find yourself in the playground or office, enjoy your loved ones and take care of yourself!

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