Why are Enko students more prepared for distance learning?

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As the covid-19 outbreak unfolds, a lot of schools across the world are resorting to online classes. According to Northeastern University, many benefits come with online learning like improved virtual communication. 

But, let’s face it, how ready are students really for distance learning? Do primary and secondary students have the discipline to study on their own online?

Well if their curriculums are designed to mold independent learners, chances are they’ll be just fine. Following the International Baccalaureate’s philosophy, we refer to this archetype of students as the IB learner profile

Being the largest network of authorized International Baccalaureate schools in Africa, all of Enko Education 15 schools apply curriculums based on this profile. 

On one hand, the academic expectations of Enko students push them to gather and process information on their own. On the other hand, our approach to education, with practices such as debate clubs and philosophical conversations during Theory of Knowledge class, sparks their inner curiosity. In doing so, our students willingly seek more knowledge online on their own

As such, students molded with the IB learner profile approach are digitally literate independent researchers. Whether it’s for grade 7 group projects in Mozambique, or grade 12 extended essays in Mali, all our students are accustomed to using technology in their day-to-day education, both in and outside the classroom. 

Acceptance rates for IB students are higher than other programs

Students from international schools from all around the world have been autonomously gathering up online to study together for over a decade now; way before distance learning measures have been applied at such a large scale. Malick Sy, Enko Waca Campus alumnus recalls using online learning tools to better adapt to working on various projects such as extended essays in online communities like IBsurvival.

Special university transfer credits for IB students even in the best colleges in the world show that their levels of independent learning is equivalent to 1st and 2nd year university scholars. Florent Dusengue for example, Enko La Gaieté Campus alumnus from Cameroon, was able to skip some of his university classes at the University of British Columbia, thanks to classes he had taken during his 2 years of IBDP.

Ultimately, emergency distance learning measures or not, thanks to the IB’s pedagogical system, our students already have experience in self regulatory learning methodology using technology. As such we are confident in their academic success in these exceptional times.

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