4 tips to help your children learn from home during the covid-19 pandemic

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Families around the world are adjusting to mass social distancing measures, resulting in schools closing, confinement and public gathering cancellations. As of today, all Enko Schools are closed to ensure our students and staff are protected from mass contamination.

We asked our Heads of Schools across the Enko network, managers of our Covid-19 taskforce, some tips to help parents better support their children as they’re transitioning to online classes.

Stay calm and reassure your children

In times of uncertainty, children will look up to their parents for guidance and will mimic your behaviour: if you panic, they will also panic, except with much less cognitive tools to self regulate their emotions. It’s normal to feel stressed out and that’s why offering reassurance is positive for all parties. 

As Mr Benjamin Green, Head of Enko Botho Campus in Botswana put it,  “don’t worry too much if it all feels difficult”. Don’t hesitate to unplug from the news and spend quality time with your family on activities that require communication, focus and/or creativity.

Create a productive environment

Online learning comes with a few imperatives including a reliable internet connection and a quiet working space, stated Mr Bamidele Akinbo, Head of Enko La Gaieté Campus in Cameroon. Your children should also be reminded that “although they are not physically in school, they are still in class”, added Mrs Baer Harper, Country Manager for Enko Education in Senegal. 

Easily monitor your children’s work online

Graded assignments and homework will resume online. You can easily track the evolution of your children’s performance on the online classroom platform, as well as their attendance and the content of their classes.  Besides, “all university applications and counseling are going on online” declared Mr Akinbo. Make sure to check your school’s online learning website to stay posted. 

According to Mr Bruce Gilbert, Head of Enko Bonanjo Campus in Cameroon, parents should stay updated on their children’s “conscientiousness towards the online program”. Helping them schedule their time and keep a daily routine at home can be a good way to do so as they learn time management, added Mrs Baer Harper.

Share your feedback with the school

Whether you want to express your positive reactions to the school or find areas that could be improved, make sure to let us know. “Engage with school to get the feedback that will help students learn better next time”, maintains Mr Green.

As Mr Akinbo reminds us, if ever for some reason a teacher missed a class, please contact the coordinator so you get informed about their cause of absence. Regularly check your email inbox and phone for calls and/or text messages since the school “will continue to update you as we receive communication from Enko Education, IB and Cambridge.”

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