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Measures taken by Enko Education

A COVID-19 emergency committee composed of Enko Education staff, including school principals and central office staff, meets daily to discuss the current situation and evaluate our plans for the coming days.

We are implementing our COVID-19 guidelines and policies in our schools; for more information, please read our official statement.

Communication during this period is essential, so be sure to visit our website frequently to keep up to date with the latest news.


2020: Looking back on the year's successes

The end of 2020 is near: let's take the opportunity to review and look back on this very special year. 2020 was the year of the global Covid-19 pandemic that has impacted the entire world. Like everybody else, we at En...

What is blended learning?

The Covid-19 crisis has changed the way the world looks at many sectors, and education is no exception. During the crisis, many schools around the world had to close their doors and adapt allowing for the continuity of...

How to succeed in your university admissions in the Covid-19 context

There is a massive and understandable anxiety among students who will graduate in 2020 from high school and seeking university admissions. Students' concerns grew even bigger when they learned that the International Ba...

How is Enko Education helping students for university admissions

Our University Admissions Manager explains how Enko Education is supporting students in their university admissions. She explains what new features were added to existing practice due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  ...

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    Frequently asked questions by parents and students during the COVID-19 crisis

    Will classes resume by the end of the school year?

    This depends on the different developments in the situation, depending on the schools and countries. For the moment, we do not have enough visibility and cannot say anything for sure.

    Will I be reimbursed if my child doesn’t go to school until the end of the school year?

    No, firstly because we continue to provide courses through an intensive distance learning plan and secondly we still have our teachers to be paid.

    What tools are used for distance learning courses?

    Google Classroom and Zoom accounts have been set up for all schools. All Enko teachers have been trained on how to use Google Classroom and Zoom and a distance learning timetable has been created by all schools and shared with parents and students.